The Design/Build Review: JHI Group Grows to the East

Grows EastIn 1962, Janotta and Herner was founded by building partners Bob Janotta and Jim Herner. Since that time, the company has grown dramatically to employ over 170 people and has worked to greatly expand its building capabilities. In 2011, J&H acquired a steel fabrication plant in New London, later named Firelands Fabrication, allowing us to align our steel needs with our construction output. Positioning ourselves to provide the best value for our clients has always been a focus of our organization. With this in mind and with more projects arising in the north eastern part of the state, the direction for our future growth was clear.

On January 1st 2016, our organization officially purchased 620 Construction in Medina Ohio. 620 Construction is very similar to Janotta and Herner in the fact that it is a design/build firm that has proudly served its clients in the area for over half a century. Although the company will continue to bear the name of 620 Construction, it will now have all of the capabilities and resources that Janotta and Herner and Firelands Fabrication has to offer. This team approach to building will not only provide a great deal of efficiency in the building process, but we believe also creates increased value for our customers.

The addition of 620 Construction presented an opportunity to re-brand all of the companies within our organization. Our goal was to produce three logos that were capable of standing alone, but that also shared a similar resemblance to show their relationship to one another. The repeated orange banner in each logo is a nod to founder Jim Herner’s original logo, while the progressive lean in all three logos represents our organization-wide commitment to progress.

The final step in our re-branding process was developing a unified banner that would tie all of our company entities together. The result was JHI Group Inc., which now serves as our corporate name and is even in the process of registering for a trademark on the corporate logo that appears at the top of this newsletter.

When you choose to work with any of our three companies, know that you will receive a level of superior performance and quality unlike any other.

Why Work With JHI Group

As a true Design/Build General Contractor, the JHI Group has an in-house team of registered design professionals consisting of architects, engineers and
designers. Their qualifications and years of experience will provide you with the highest level of quality in project design and innovation.

This design leadership team, coupled with our staff of project managers, estimators, field supervisors, skilled tradesmen and support personnel, work in harmony to take your initial concept and turn it into a seamless building construction project that will exceed your expectations.

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