Janotta & Herner is a True DESIGN/BUILD Contractor.

At Janotta & Herner, Design/Build Construction is more than just a project delivery system. We embody the true Design/Build concept by having a Corporate Design Department, complete with Architects, Engineers and Designers. Aided by the latest design and CAD technologies, our Design Staff is able to meet with our Clients and conceptualize their ideas to produce construction documents and renderings. Our vast experience in structural design allows us to value engineer almost every project, providing our Clients with a product that meets their needs and their budget.


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Why In-House Design?

In-House Design Provides a Multitude of Efficiencies:

  • Creative Environment for Optimum Client Vision Capturing
  • Seamless Communication between Field Operations, Project Manager, and Design
  • Unlimited Problem-Solving Capabilities
  • Internal Design Quality Control


Janotta & Herner is Capable of Self-Performing a Variety of Construction Trades

Janotta & Herner does not just design and manage your construction project, we build it too. With a labor force of over 95 Skilled Tradesmen, we are capable of self-performing several construction trades including Carpentry, Concrete, Framing, Masonry, Roofing, Siding, Steel Erection, Steel Fabrication and Site Work. We believe that self-performing these trades provides us with greater control over the quality, safety and efficiency of the project. For the aspects of construction that we cannot self-perform, Janotta & Herner utilizes our extensive network of qualified, local contractors to competitively bid your project, providing you with the best value for your construction dollar.  


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