Do you have what it takes to be in construction?

It’s not an easy answer. Construction work is as varied as the projects we do.

Construction Work

When we are looking to hire for our construction crew, we like to ask some questions to make sure the person will be a good fit.

Do you like working outside? This question is a big one because the person will be outside in all types of weather. There are gorgeous 70-degree days where everyone wants to be working outside but there will also be snowy 30-degree days where work will still need to be done. There is indoor work as well, but most of our projects start on a bare plot of land.

Do you like doing the same thing every day? If so, this job is not for you! Every day is different in construction. There will be jobs that an employee will be on for a year or more where other jobs last for a couple of weeks. Here are some of the different jobs that an employee can have just at one project.
• Foundation work
• Framing a wall
• Hanging drywall
• Installing equipment
• Hanging doors
• Installing windows/siding/roofing

Do you work well with other people? Construction is a job where teamwork is important. Everyone has a part to play to make sure everything gets done correctly and on schedule. If you don’t finish the foundation, you can’t start putting up walls. There are also times where everyone is working on one part of the job like pouring concrete.

Can you lift 50 pounds? For construction, you need to be able to do physical work, but the amount may surprise you. There is a lot of movement and action, but a lot of the heavy lifting is done by machines. You must like being active. This isn’t a job with a lot of sitting!

Are you afraid of heights? If so, this career path may not work. All the projects we work on require jobs at different heights. This could be something as little as 4 feet off the ground to screw in a lightbulb to 75 feet to guide a steel beam onto a roof.

Are you an early riser or night owl? The early bird gets the worm in construction. Our construction crews usually start around sunrise. This allows time to prep the job while it is still getting light out and then being able to take advantage of as much daytime as possible for the work on the job. But early in, early out. Work is usually done by early afternoon.

Hopefully, this article gave you a little more insight into a career in construction. If you or someone you know is interested in a career in construction, please fill out an application at

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